A peak into a Newborn Session

I love what I do and so fortunate that I call Newborn Photography my job.  People always ask me if I photograph weddings and I say no without skipping a beat!  To me weddings are SO hard and demanding.  They require a certain set of skills and patience that I don’t think I have and don’t really care to learn right now.  But, on the flip side, wedding photographers I know can’t even fathom photographing newborns.  Just the 85 degrees temperature you have to keep the studio at for sessions give them the sweats (figuratively and literally), not to mention handling the babies and posing them.  Like most photographers, I stick to my specialty so I can grow as an artist because even if there is so much I know already, there is so much more I can learn and provide for my clients.

Their baby’s safety and comfort are my number 1 priority!  I am always educating myself on proper posing and safety by attending workshops every year and mentoring with other newborn photographers that have been in the industry for 6+ years.  In a session (which usually lasts a couple of hours), I strive to provide parents with a variety of poses: 4-6 on a blanket, 2 props (bucket, basket, wrap or if a parent brings something) and parent/sibling poses.  However, every session is different because every baby is different and I listen to the baby’s cues. My goal at every session in my studio is to provide the parents a safe, laid-back atmosphere and to create beautiful photographs that they will cherish forever.  Newborns are only little for such a short time and just like weddings, you only have a small timeframe to capture those precious moments.

Here’s a little peak at what goes on in a typical Newborn Session.




PS  Please feel free to contact me with any questions of comments 🙂


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